When Can I Change My Septum Piercing Safely? Things To Know 2023

When Can I Change My Septum Piercing Safely

You may wonder “when can I change my septum piercing.” If you just got your septum piercing, you may have been considering getting it changed.

We understand that you’re eager to try a few new things. After all, you have this amazing piercing, so there’s no reason to keep that captive bead ring on forever. However, you should take precautions because the septum is easily infected.

When Can I Change My Septum Piercing Safely? Things To Know 2023
When Can I Change My Septum Piercing Safely? Things To Know 2023

We’ll explain how long it will take for your septum piercing to heal, the risks of changing your hoop too soon, and what to do if you experience pain or an infection.

How long before switching out your septum jewelry? What jewelry is safe for you to wear with your new septum nose piercing? Continue reading to know.

What Is Septum Piercing?

What Is Septum Piercing: Septum Piercing Meaning
What Is Septum Piercing: Septum Piercing Meaning

The septum is just one variation of nose piercing, also referred to as bull nose piercing. The nasal septum, a flesh area between the front of your nose and cartilage, is pierced by a professional body artist using a needle.

It’s really trendy, and unique, and most people find it attractive. This trend is very popular with the Gen Z generation, and some young celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Willow Smith, and Zendaya have made it a fad.

Older people and millennials are not far behind either. They look up to Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and Madonna, the “Queen of Pop.”

Many Native American tribes and aboriginal people frequently had septum piercings. They do it as a ritual of manhood, a symbol of the soul-searching journey, and a manhood ritual.

Later, it became a sign of identification for several rebel subcultures. But these days, it’s just another fashion statement. Some people may choose to wear it as a bold expression of their self-confidence or as a way to express their individuality.

How Much Is A Septum Piercing?

How Much Is A Septum Piercing: Septum Piercing Price
How Much Is A Septum Piercing: Septum Piercing Price

The price of the septum jewlery piece and service could range from $40 to $100. Of course, the total cost can vary depending on the studio’s location, the artist’s level of experience, and the value of the jewelry piece.

If you later decide to change the jewelry piece, the price will go up. Since you only get a generic horseshoe ring or bar at the moment of piercing, that is actually the most common practice.

High-quality solid gold or titanium hoops, scrolls, or barbells may cost $200 or more, especially if they include a diamond or other expensive stone.

How Long Does It Take For Septum Piercing To Heal?

How Long Does It Take For Septum Piercing To Heal: Septum Healing Time
How Long Does It Take For Septum Piercing To Heal: Septum Healing Time

A septum piercing doesn’t heal in a predetermined period of time. Some people take 2-3 months, while others need 6–8 months.

According to specialists, the typical septum healing time is between 4-6 months. After septum piercing healing time for a few weeks, the septum piercing may feel repaired.

Your piercing should feel “far better” after about eight weeks, according to an expert. They claim, however, that perhaps the majority of the repair work will take place during the following 4-6 months.

According to a specialist, a disruption to the epidermis or mucosal surfaces, like a septum piercing, may take a year to heal. However, they caution against replacing any septum piercings prior to that.

If the septum piercing is properly cared for, it should recover and be ready for new rings in a few months.

When Can I Change My Septum Piercing?

When Can I Change My Septum Piercing?
When Can I Change My Septum Piercing?

When can you change your nose piercing? You can replace your septum piercing once it has fully healed. Experts advise you to wait as long as required, though. A septum piercing usually takes two to three months to heal, but for some people, it may take up to six months.

How quickly you heal, how carefully you follow aftercare instructions, how much or little you contact the piercing as it heals, your physical health, and any issues, including inflammation, are all influenced by a number of factors.

If something isn’t fixed and you keep trying to change it, it will probably be painful and harmful to your nose. Changing the septum piercing after two months would have been appropriate and far less bothersome.

Anyone can tell how well a piercing is healing when you handle it without feeling any pain or bleeding. Now is the appropriate time to declare that the first step has been completed. If you have a frost on your epidermis, it indicates that your wound is still mending.

What Will Happen If You Change Your Septum Piercing Too Early?

What Will Happen If You Change Your Septum Piercing Too Early: Does A Nose Piercing Hurt
What Will Happen If You Change Your Septum Piercing Too Early: Does A Nose Piercing Hurt

Some of the most frequent problems that may occur if you attempt to change your piercing too soon include the following:

Increased Pain: Your body’s septum is a sensitive area. It is almost certain that changing your piercing before it has had an opportunity to heal will make it worse and make your eyes leak.

Since the hole will be inflamed and swollen, it will be more difficult to find it, making it more difficult to place the new ring. There will certainly be more suffering as a result.

Increased risk of infection: Removing the previous piercing will probably reveal some of the healing and scabbing that has taken place. The hole could become infected if the replacement ring is not thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.

What Steps Must Be Taken To Remove A Septum Piercing?

What Steps Must Be Taken To Remove A Septum Piercing: How Long Does It Take For Nose Piercing To Heal
What Steps Must Be Taken To Remove A Septum Piercing: How Long Does It Take For Nose Piercing To Heal

Change out your jewelry now that your piercing has mended. Once more, you can either see one of these piercers or do it yourself at home.

For something like the initial changeover, one expert advises moving toward the piercer to be cautious. The septum must be pierced by a piercer for the very first time, says a professional piercer.

The following steps are advised by professionals if you want to do this by yourself:

  1. Hands should be cleaned.
  2. To remove the jewelry, find the entrance to the loop, grasp both ends, and turn them apart from one another. The expert said it would be similar to removing a key from a key ring of this type.
  3. Replace the old jewelry with new implant-grade jewelry.
  4. Repeat the aftercare procedure in about a week.

How To Clean Septum Piercings Properly

How To Clean Septum Piercings Properly: Ways for You
How To Clean Septum Piercings Properly: Ways for You

Your symptom piercing can become infected like any other piercing if you don’t clean it consistently. According to Lamb, after each saline soaks, you should dry your piercing. The simplest and most cost-effective method for keeping your septum piercing clean is with a saline soak. All you need is sea salt, gauze, distilled or bottled water, and a cup.

After gathering your materials, you begin by warming the water. The keyword here is warm, not hot. The last thing to do is scald your piercing   It’s recommended to use no more than ⅛  to ¼  of a teaspoon of salt per cup of water.

Soak your sterile bandages in the solution after the salt has been dissolved. Take no more than five minutes applying the bandage to your piercing. You’ve started cleaning your septum piercing successfully.

If you’d like, you can rinse the piercing with clean water afterward. Moreover, before to cleaning any piercing, always wash your hands. You can literally buy a saline solution if making your own is not your thing.

What Is The Best Material For Piercing Jewelry?

What Is The Best Material For Piercing Jewelry: Types Of Septum Rings
What Is The Best Material For Piercing Jewelry: Types Of Septum Rings

Because it is sturdy and nonporous, surgical stainless steel is a wise choice. However, because it produces a small amount of nickel, those who have a strong nickel allergy may find it uncomfortable.

Considering that titanium doesn’t contain any allergies, it is most likely the safest substance. Platinum is another completely secure and inert material.

Niobium is a slightly more affordable option given that these minerals are scarce and quite pricey. It does not, however, have approval for surgical implantation and is a little heavier.

Another excellent option is gold jewelry, but it must be 14K or higher. Gold of poor quality might lead to severe allergic reactions.

You shouldn’t wear silver jewelry since it can irritate your skin and infect you during the process of healing.

You can wear high-quality sterling silver dangles or types of septum rings in a fully healed septum, but not for a long period of time.

Other metal elements in the alloy have the potential to cause a variety of skin problems, including localized Argyria.

Almost any material, including wood, horn, bone, or silicone jewelry, can be used as the septum ornament once the wound has fully healed. Don’t forget to clean your hands, the pierced area, and the jewelry.

Septum Piercing Aftercare Tips

Septum Piercing Aftercare Tips
Septum Piercing Aftercare Tips

Cleaning alone is not the end of aftercare for your piercing. You will normally need to make a few adjustments.

You could even need to alter your skincare routine, for example. Limit your usage of soap and moisturizer close to your septum piercing, says Fenton. This correction will only be in place while the piercing heals.

In order to prevent bacterial infection, Fenton also recommends against using hot tubs and taking baths.

Other advice for aftercare includes:

  • Wash your hands before touching your piercing, as well as other aftercare advice. However, try to avoid touching it as much as you can because doing so could prevent healing.
  • Avoid flipping up jewelry, but if you must, give the piercing warm water rinse first.
  • Avoid cleaning your septum piercing with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. They are too harsh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do septum piercings hurt or not?

Between your two nostrils is a thin layer of skin, nerves, and blood vessels called the septum. It is delicate and usually hurts more than getting a nostril piercing.   However, because there is less tissue for your body to reconstruct, it heals more quickly.

Do septum piercings close?

Yes, it does. If you don’t give your piercings enough time to heal, most of them will close up on you. Hence, if you have this kind of body piercing and decide to remove it in a few days, weeks, or even months, you risk having it close on you.

Why does my septum piercing smell?

It’s sebum, not pus, and it’s there to protect your skin, keep it hydrated, and keep it healthy. What gives it the rotten odor is a mix of dead skin cells, possibly boogers as well, and even old soap.

How can I tell if my septum has healed?

Healing usually takes two to three months, although it may take longer. Hence, it is advisable to wait until the region is no longer tender and crusty before treating it. Moreover, don’t alter the hoop while the wound is healing. If you must change, visit your piercer.

If I remove my septum for a day, would it close?

It depends on how well your piercing is healing. No matter how long you keep it empty, if the hole is old and entirely healed, it will never completely close. However, removing the jewelry for a day could cause a new piercing to close.

How long will this septum piercing soreness last?

For about 1 to 8 weeks after the piercing, the pain remains. It might not hurt unless you touch your enlarged nose, which you shouldn’t do unless you’re cleaning.

How long do septum crusties exactly last?

Crusting is expected at first. Given that proper care has been taken, it lasts for 1 to 2 weeks for the majority of people.

Some people, however, may take longer to recover fully, and the crust may not go away for four to five weeks. In case the crusting persists, regularly clean the area and consult a doctor.

Can I immediately flip my septum piercing up?

Yes, you can flip the jewelry over to cover up your nose piercing at work or in professional meetings. The simplest option for occasional tucking of the septum is a retainer or circular barbell.

However, when the piercing is healing, avoid trying to flip it. Use a keeper (a small pin) to conceal the piercing if needed until the wound has healed.

The Final Words

You shouldn’t take the decision to change your septum piercing lightly. The wrong method can result in infection and severe pain. With the aid of our advice, you may understand better the healing procedure and decide when to replace your jewelry.

So now you have your answer to your question “When can I change my septum piercing”. When the septum piercing has fully healed, you can change it. But we recommend you hold off as long as you can. Most people recover fully after a septum piercing in 2 to 3 months, however, for some people, it might take up to 6 to 8 months.

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