The natural disaster economist
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Tatyana Deryugina/Gies College of Business

Tatyana Deryugina/Gies College of Business

There seems to be headlines about floods, wildfires, or hurricanes every week. Scientists say this might be the new normal — that climate change is making natural disasters more and more common.

Tatyana Deryugina is a leading expert on the economics of natural disasters — how we respond to them, how they affect the economy, and how they change our lives. And back when Tatyana first started researching natural disasters she realized that there’s a lot we don’t know about their long-term economic consequences. Especially about how individuals and communities recover.

Trying to understand those questions of how we respond to natural disasters is a big part of Tatyana’s research. And her research has some surprising implications for how we should be responding to natural disasters.

When insurers can't get insurance

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When insurers can’t get insurance

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