Shooting claims the life of baby delivered after mom hit by bullet on Massachusetts bus

Shooting claims the life of baby delivered after mom hit by bullet on Massachusetts bus

Christopher Cann
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An infant died Wednesday after a pregnant woman on a bus in Massachusetts was struck by a stray bullet and forced into labor, authorities said.

The woman was seated on a bus in downtown Holyoke, a city just north of Springfield, around 12:30 p.m. when three male suspects on a busy street got into an altercation that erupted in gunfire, according to the Hampden District Attorney’s Office.

The woman was hit and quickly rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Her baby was delivered and required life-saving medical services, the district attorney’s office said in a summary of the incident. Soon after, the infant died.

One man excepted to be arraigned on murder charge

All suspects in the case have been identified: One man was arrested, another was taken to a local hospital for treatment and one was not yet been apprehended, James Leydon, a spokesperson for the Hampden District Attorney’s Office, told USA TODAY.

Alejandro Ramos, 22, and Johnluis Sanchez, 30, are expected to be arraigned in Holyoke District Court on murder and other charges, according to the district attorney’s office. Ramos was expected to appear before a judge Thursday morning. Sanchez remains hospitalized for injuries related to the shooting and will be arraigned “when his condition allows,” said a statement from the district attorney’s office. Both men are from Holyoke.

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The name of the remaining suspect and the woman who was shot have not been released. It’s also unclear what sparked the altercation that led to the shooting.

The investigation is being headed by the Massachusetts Police Detective Unit assigned to the Hampden District Attorney’s Office and the Holyoke Police Department, Leydon said.

Holyoke mayor says he’s ‘outraged and frustrated’ at ‘senseless’ violence

Holyoke Mayor Justin Garcia in a statement posted on Facebook expressed frustration and extended condolences to the family.

“I want the public to know that I am equally outraged and frustrated with these senseless acts of violence and illegal activity on our streets,” he said. “I struggle with it every day attempting to offer a balanced solution. Quite frankly, I have lost my patience. I plan to work with all resources available to me to push this nonsense out of our city.”

Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey in a statement on X, formerly Twitter, said, “Every life lost to gun violence is a tragedy, especially those taken far, far too soon. My heart goes out to the victims, families, and all of Holyoke in the wake of this afternoon’s senseless shooting.”

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