Not-for-profit start-up helps cancer survivors

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Nearly two million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer before this year is over.

Two South Florida women are now helping survivors deal with an outcome of surgery.

Breast cancer survivor Pam Kelsky and her best friend Gaby Mann created a custom bag designed to help hold and manage post-surgical drains.

“It’s waterproof so showering is very difficult when you have these drains so people can wear this in the shower and then they can wear it under their shirt because what I found was that a lot of people were pinning this to the outside of their shirt, when I went to post op appointments, and it just wasn’t dignified. And I wanted to give people something, for free, that would help maintain their dignity and ease their journey to healing,” said Kelsky, co-founder of ‘bcalmed’.

Through their non-profit organization, the women have distributed over thirty-seven hundred bags free of charge throughout the U.S. and abroad.

To learn more about their efforts and upcoming events, click on this link.


When it comes to health it’s important not to overlook our canine companions.

October is national pet wellness month.

It’s a reminder to schedule your pets annual or bi-annual checkup, if they haven’t had one, and to make sure they’re up to date on all their vaccinations and medications.

Obesity is a common problem in dogs and cats these days so be sure to talk to your vet about what you can do if your pet is not at a healthy weight.

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Also consider a dental cleaning which helps prevents inflammation that can lead to disease.