MSNBC host Ali Velshi’s ‘Small Acts of Courage’ will be published next spring

NEW YORK – MSNBC host Ali Velshi is drawing upon the personal past for an upcoming book about democracy.

St. Martin’s Press announced Wednesday that “Small Acts of Courage: A Legacy of Endurance and the Fight for Democracy” will be published May 7, 2024. Velshi will look back to the early 20th century and the time his grandfather was sent to live on the ashram of Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa, an experience that began an enduring legacy.

“From childhood, Velshi’s grandfather was imbued with an ethos of public service and social justice, and a belief in absolute equality among all people — ideals that his children carried forward as they escaped apartheid, emigrating to Kenya and ultimately Canada and the United States,” according to St. Martin’s. “In ‘Small Acts of Courage,’ Velshi taps into 125 years of family history to advocate for social justice as a living, breathing experience — a way of life more than an ideology.”

Velshi’s previous books include “How to Speak Money.” He also edited the recently released “The Trump Indictments,” which documents the criminal counts against the former president.

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