Monkey with sprint speeds as high as 30 mph on the loose in Indianapolis; injuries reported

Monkey with sprint speeds as high as 30 mph on the loose in Indianapolis; injuries reported

Natalie Neysa Alund

John Tufts
 USA TODAY NETWORKplayShow CaptionHide Caption#videoDetailsToggle{color:var( –color-dove-gray,rgba(0,0,0,.6));cursor:pointer;display:inline-block;font-family:var(–sans-serif,sans-serif);font-size:var(–type-7);font-weight:var( –font-weight-bold,900);line-height:var(–spacer-twentyfour,24px);margin-bottom:-8px}#vdt_hide{margin-bottom:10px}.vdt-flex[hidden]{display:none}.vdt-svg{fill:var( –color-dove-gray,rgba(0,0,0,.6));height:var(–spacer-twentyfour,24px);width:var(–spacer-twentyfour,24px)}Watch: Momo the monkey is on the loose and being sought by policePolice in Indianapolis are searching for an escaped monkey. Multiple injuries have been reported but are not confirmed to be bites.

Monkey at large! Police and other officials are searching for a blazing-fast monkey named Momo on the lam in Indianapolis.

The search for the animal entered day two Thursday morning with Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers assisting the city’s Animal Care Service in an effort to locate the monkey, officials said.

Momo was first caught on camera on the hood of a resident’s car in the city earlier this week.

“I just pulled into my driveway and I think there is a freaking monkey on my car,” a woman is heard saying in a video, which shows what appears to be Momo on the vehicle. The monkey then jumps off the vehicle and disappears, despite the woman saying, “Come here.”

The animal was later spotted on the east side of the city in the Irongate neighborhood Wednesday night, Samone Burris, a public information officer for the police department told USA TODAY.

The Indianapolis Zoo denied any connection to the monkey, adding it appears to be a patas monkey, the fastest species of primate with sprint speeds as high as 30 miles per hour.

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Momo spotted Thursday near same area

Momo reappeared Thursday morning about 8 a.m. ET near Ironridge Court, the same area it was last spotted, but remained at large, Burris said.

The area is about 14 miles east of downtown.

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Where did the monkey come from?

It remained unclear Thursday whether the monkey had escaped from a private residence but, Burris said, it appears Momo may belong to a person living in that area.

“It looks like he knows where home is,” Burris said.


IMPD is assisting @INDYACS with a monkey on the loose near 500 Ironridge Ct (south of E Washington St and S Mitthoefer Rd).

There are reports of minor injuries from the monkey but we can’t confirm it is from bites.

(Actual monkey pictured).

— IMPD (@IMPDnews) October 4, 2023

Zoo spokesperson Emily Garrett said told USA TODAY the monkey does not belong to the zoo, and encouraged people who see it to keep their distance.

“If anyone spots the monkey, they’re encouraged not to approach it. Instead, keep an eye on it and call for police assistance,” Garrett said.

Police on Wednesday reported someone suffered minor injuries due to the monkey, but Burris said there have been no confirmed reports Momo bit anyone.

This is a developing story.

Natalie Neysa Alund is a senior reporter for USA TODAY. Reach her at [email protected] and follow her on X @nataliealund.

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