‘Mended Hearts’ awards Eisenhower Health

The non-profit “Mended Hearts” recognized Eisenhower Health with regional and national awards Tuesday morning. 

The organization is focused on giving hope to heart disease patients, their families, and caregivers.

Each year, they select a nurse in each chapter region who demonstrates excellence in caring for patients and heartfelt support. 

“To be part of something like this and being a cardiac nurse and being recognized as ‘Nurse of the Year’ and being part of such an amazing organization is in our health. it’s one of the highest like recognitions that a nurse can ever be a part of and to have my peers recognize that the work that we do at the bedside is appreciated,” said Alyssa Baldi, Award recipient and Nurse of the Year.

The non-profit also recognizes organizations that empower volunteers by making it possible for the volunteer group to provide peer support and education to heart disease patients, families, and communities.  

Eisenhower Health was given that honor.

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