July 2023 in photos: USA TODAY’s most memorable images

July 2023 in photos: USA TODAY’s most memorable images

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In an effort to quell migrants from crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott deployed a floating barrier in the Rio Grande, a move that opponents called a “dangerous stunt” that would endanger migrants at the border. Abbott stated explicitly that he did not seek federal authorization before issuing his directive as part of his border-enforcement plan he calls Operation Lone Star. El Paso Times photographer Omar Ornelas was at the border covering the fallout. “The days before taking this photo I contacted sources in the Mexican federal government knowing that installing buoys in the international boundary by the Texas Governor Greg Abbott would have an international response,” said Ornelas. “The photo showed the buoys were illegally placed in the river, a finding announced after a survey by the International Boundary and Water Commission. Photography can be a tool to help the public understand the complexity of the border and unveil the political theatrics that often obfuscate border issues.”

In late July, “Barbie” came to party and became the highest-grossing film of 2023 — and Warner Bros.’ biggest movie ever — at more than $1.44 billion worldwide.

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