How to enter $1 million competition for recording extraterrestrial activity on a Ring device

How to enter $1 million competition for recording extraterrestrial activity on a Ring device

Anthony Robledo

Ring is showing that their surveillance cameras record more than just suspicious human and animal activity. They’re also ready to capture any extraterrestrial beings.

The home security company has announced their “Million Dollar Search for Extraterrestrials” competition where they encourage users to film an extraterrestrial sighting with their Ring device, the company announced Wednesday. The contest, open only to Americans at least 18 years old, is to capture “unaltered scientific evidence of a real extraterrestrial lifeform” with a Ring device.

One winner will receive the grand prize of $1 million awarded with $50,000 payments a year for two decades, the company said.

“Customers all over the world capture life’s unexpected and delightful moments through their Ring Video Doorbells and Cameras. Now, you could be rewarded for catching an otherworldly sighting,” Ring said in a press release.

“Whether it’s a video of an Extraterrestrial walking (or flying?) up your driveway and asking for directions or an unidentifiable lifeform exhibiting unusual and extraordinary behavior in your backyard—submit your best footage!”

Videos must be submitted by Nov. 3, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. No purchase is necessary to submit footage.

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A “Space and Extraterrestrial Expert” will review all video submissions that meet contest requirements and submission criteria to decide if the footage is undoubtable evidence of an extraterrestrial lifeform, according to Ring.

How to apply for Million Dollar Sighting Competition

To submit surveillance footage for the contest, visit before the Nov. 3 deadline.

You are free to submit your scientific evidence from now until the contest ends on Nov. 3. If you don’t locate any real extraterrestrials, don’t worry, you can still enter to win. To enter, simply capture and submit your most creative interpretation of an extraterrestrial sighting on your Ring device, and you will be in the running among your earthling peers to win a $500 Amazon gift card.

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Ring offers chance to win $500 for creative alien footage

As stated, if you can’t capture unaltered extraterrestrial footage, don’t sweat it. Ring is also asking users to embrace their creativity to submit the most compelling alien video for their “Out of this World” contest.

Users are asked to submit creative and comedic alien content filmed on a Ring device for a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card. Alien costumes, accessories, homemade spacecrafts as well as extraterrestrial-inspired communication can be used to go above and beyond with your submission.

Submissions for the “Out of this World” contest will be judged on their creativity, humor and engagement.

Tips for capturing the best alien footage

Ring provided some helpful and fun ways to lure extraterrestrial activity to your home for the competitions.

  • Add motion detection smart lights to make sure Ring cameras can detect what you see
  • Place security cameras inside and outside your home
  • Turn on Ring’s “Alien Quick Replies” that greet guests and intruders with intergalactic and Halloween replies
  • Add alien decorations to disguise your home as a safe and private space for all species to live
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