Former Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon remembers Suzanne Somers

We’re hearing new reaction to the death of longtime Palm Springs resident Suzanne Somers, best known for her roles in “Three’s Company,” “She’s the Sheriff” and “Step by Step.”

She died this weekend at the age of 76 after a long battle with breast cancer.

News Channel 3’s Peter Daut spoke with Somers’ dear friend and former Palm Springs mayor, Robert Moon.

Moon says Somers had a vibrant presence and she enjoyed living in Palm Springs and being part of the social scene here. He says she was one of the valley’s best and brightest stars.

“She was just so much fun and she loved to go to Tropicale and to go to with her to Tropicale was a riot, because people would come up to her to ask for an autograph and say hello. In Palm Springs, people don’t do that a lot, since we’re so used to starts here. but she was so gracious to people,” Moon said.

Moon added, “Suzanne was ahead of her time I think. Not only was she beautiful, she was like the character she played on Three’s Company, Chrissy, as far as beauty, but she was a smart woman. Nobody told her what to do.”

Watch the full, in-depth interview at the top of the article.

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