Desert Hot Springs artist receives a grant initiative from Creative Corps Inland SoCal

The city of Desert Hot Springs is congratulating its local artist and resident Bernard Hoyes on receiving the Creative Corps Inland SoCal Grant Initiative.

The $4.7 million initiative invited artists, creatives, and engaged community members to submit proposals surrounding several aspects of recovery, encompassing pandemic response, water and energy conservation, disaster resilience, civic engagement, and the pursuit of social justice, particularly within high-priority communities throughout the region. 

Hoyes received a portion of the grant.

Hoyes’s printmaking project, “Master Printer Invitational Printmaking Studio Workshops for Professional, Emerging, and Student Artists,” was chosen out of the distinguished recipients. This printmaking project aims to invite selected artists to work with Mr. Hoyes on printmaking at Syncona Mesa and then have the collections archived with California museums.

The California Desert Arts Council’s Executive Director, Kristen Dolan, expressed her enthusiasm, “We are thrilled to support Bernard Hoyes and his master printer workshops in Desert Hot Springs through the Creative Corps Inland SoCal grant. Their incredible talent is inspiring, and we believe that investing in our artists is a direct investment into the community. This grant is a testament to our continued commitment to fostering creativity and ensuring artists can continue to thrive.”

Hoyes is no stranger to the art industry, as he has showcased his art in the Coachella Valley. In the coming weeks, Hoyes plans to call out artists who wish to participate in the Master Printer Invitational. The City commends Hoyes for helping lead the path for artists in the City of Desert Hot Springs.

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