Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in the Coachella Valley

We’re continuing to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month until October 15.

According to Pew Research, one in five Americans in the U.S. are Hispanic. The month long observance is an opportunity to remember the region’s history, while highlighting the culture and contributions of Hispanic Americans and their ancestors.

We had the chance to visit Chef Roberto Madrid at ‘Mole Find Cuisine of Mexico’ in Palm Desert to take a closer look at some famous Mexican dishes and flavors.

The Hispanic and Latinx heritage that is celebrated throughout the month is rooted in a variety of countries spanning from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, along with Central and South America.

A variety of Spanish dialects, languages, musical genres, dishes and more can be found throughout each Latin American country.

Chef Madrid shared that in just Mexico alone, different regions are known for signature plates, ingredients and flavors.

You can visit ‘Mole’ in El Paseo until October 15 to enjoy their ‘Mole and Salsa Experience’ as they celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

And there are several other ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month throughout the valley. Here are some events available throughout the entire year along with some events to look out for in October.

  • The Greater Coachella Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is celebrating their Third Annual ‘Impacto and Community Awards’ on Oct. 12 at the Palm Valley Country Club where they’ll be honoring Hispanic Leaders.
  • The Hispanic American Chamber is hosting their ‘Maya La Feria Internacional de Cultura’ festival on Oct. 21 in Cathedral City.
  • The La Quinta Museum is hosting ‘La Sobremesa Cultural,’ Oct. 27 a free program in Spanish to celebrate the Hispanic ‘cultura.’
  • The Palm Springs Art Museum is currently featuring the Eso es la vida/This is life exhibit. It features art pieces encompassing Mexico’s past and present to examine the changes over the past century and its role in popular culture. The exhibit is located in the Architecture and Design Center, Edwards Harris Pavilion until November 27, 2023.
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