Car hits, pins woman against pole at Publix in Coconut Creek

A woman was hit by a car and became pinned between the car and poles in front of a Publix supermarket at Coconut Creek Parkway and Lyons Road around 3 p.m. on Friday.

Witnesses said a car sped up by the front door as the woman was walking out. She was hit and then the car came to a halt pinning her against yellow poles outside of the supermarket.

Witnesses said that the scene was chaotic and it appeared the driver was unconscious when the car accelerated and crashed into the woman who was walking to her car.

The male driver remained on the scene.

“All I heard was a boom and a lady on the floor crying and everyone surrounding her,” a woman at the scene said.

“She flew towards the yellow pole and it pinned her,” said a man who spoke to Local 10 News.

The victim was rushed to a hospital but her condition is unknown.

It is not known if the driver will face charges.

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