‘Building confidence and scores’ Saul Martinez Elementary teacher wins One Class at a Time

Ryan Starr from Saul Martinez Elementary School in Mecca is the latest winner of the One Class at a Time award for his contributions to education.

His career in the desert spans more than two decades at schools in both Desert Sands Unified School District and Coachella Valley Unified School District.

Mr. Starr nominated himself for the award, which is made possible through News Channel 3’s partnership with the Walter Clark Legal Group.

“It is so encouraging for us, and heartwarming frankly, because you’ve been doing this for 20 years,” according to attorney Walter Clark. He added, “we’re just glad to be helping.”

Mr. Starr cited his classroom’s desperate need for a new set of headphones equipped with microphones that allow students to speak into and be recorded for their Read 180 Elementary Intervention Program.

It’s a new program, now in its third year at Saul Martinez Elementary, and the equipment is vital for students in order for them to hear their speech and improve their language arts skills.

Some of the classroom’s current equipment is not working due to wear-and-tear, and the school has not had the funds to afford a technologically better functioning, more modern set, according to Mr. Starr.  

“Equipment that actually works and is consistent and reliable is key to running the program, and so without it I’m at a big loss. The students are at a big loss. So this is going to help to build their self confidence and certainly it should help improve their scores,” said Mr. Starr.

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