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Unwrap Inspiration...

…it’s our theme this holiday season. And it’s exactly what happens each time a girl opens a buddingSTEM package. She gets the message that space is for her; dinosaurs are for her; trains are for her.

We started buddingSTEM when we realized that the clothing made and marketed to girls was giving our girls the message that STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) was not for them.

It happens so early. Just before she turned 4, Jennifer’s daughter wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween. Until a catalogue of kids’ costumes came in the mail. It showed only boys wearing the astronaut costume. She took one look and said, “I can’t be an astronaut. That costume is for boys.”

A couple months later, Malorie’s 2-year-old daughter was potty training and wanted train underpants, but those could only be found in the boys’ section. Malorie and her husband bought them anyway. And their little girl wore them until realizing at school that they were “for boys”.

We started buddingSTEM for our girls and your girls. To send the early message that these things – things that *all* kids love – are for girls, too.

Encouraging more women to go into STEM fields means that from birth, girls need to get the message that science, technology, engineering, math, and exploration are for them, too. And they need to see other girls who are role models in these fields.

That’s why we love introducing you to young girls like Rebecca (10) and Kimberly (8) who built a homemade space craft and launched it to 78,000 feet!! We were thrilled to have Rebecca and Kimberly model for us at a recent photoshoot held with our retail partner, Seattle’s Museum of Flight. Seattle’s KING5 News featured a story on Rebecca and Kimberly that includes cameos of our photoshoot.


Kimberly and Rebecca with their Loki Lego Launcher!

Watch Rebecca and Kimberly’s video about their project, #LokiLegoLauncher, with your girls and prepare to be inspired!!

And when she opens a box of buddingSTEM’s #STEMwear this holiday season, she will unwrap inspiration!!

  • Post author
    Jennifer Muhm

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