Bam Adebayo named Heat team captain

MIAMI – The Miami Heat have selected a new leader.

On Wednesday, Bam Adebayo was named the Heat’s team captain.

The previous captain, Udonis Haslem retired after last season.

Both Haslem and Dwyane Wade had made it clear over the years that they saw Adebayo as the keeper of Heat culture.

Adebayo said, “I’m not going to say writing on the wall, but it’s been foreshadowed in a lot of articles and a lot of meetings. There were a lot of conversations between me, Spo, UD, DWade. Having those type of conversations early, so that when that moments happens, you’re prepared for it.”

Adebayo said, “Obviously, there’s a lot of opportunity there but a lot of challenges that you go through. You gotta rally 15 guys, get riled up for a game. Just taking your time and thinking about what you want to say before every huddle.”

Adebayo said he noticed how many huddles the team has during a game.

The Heat big man said he’s relied on Haslem as a big brother who helped him understand what the role entails.

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