15 Best Adorable Newborn Girl Coming Home Outfits

15 Best Adorable Newborn Girl Coming Home Outfits

The journey home from the hospital took 15 minutes. However, during both pregnancies, you would spend days considering what newborn girl coming home outfit would be the perfect way to meet your girls. Many babies’ outfits when they first return home are their first “real” clothing. A celebration of the momentous occasion of leaving the hospital’s protective cocoon and entering the outside world is also likely to be shared on social media. It makes sense that many expectant mothers give classic clothing a little additional attention and preparation.

Obviously, this does not obligate you to. For new parents, taking their newborn home from the hospital is an exciting (though slightly terrifying) time. You need to put off newborn hospital outfit. The experience won’t be made or broken by what they are wearing. When selecting the newborn’s coming home outfit, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. We give our best advice for choosing a baby girl take home outfit and highlight a few of our favorites below, covering comfort, the weather, and useful advice.

15 Best Adorable Newborn Girl Coming Home Outfits

When choosing which coming-home outfit is best, keep the weather in mind. Also, take into account that it is simpler to put your newborn in a romper, sleeper, or pants (rather than a sleeping gown), making it easier to get the car-seat straps around their legs and fasten them in the middle without chafing their skin barrier. In the next section, we will tell you how to choose the best going home outfit for baby boy, girl and mom.

How To Choose Newborn Girl Coming Home Outfit

Most newborns will be taken home in an infant car seat, regardless of whether you live close to your birth center or hospital or have a long drive ahead of you. When dressing newborns, consider their comfort as well as the weather. Here are some things you need to keep in mind:


In the first few weeks after birth, a baby’s skin is so sensitive that we all want to wrap them in the finest, most delicate materials possible to protect them. Natural fibers that are soft, breathable, and luxurious are the optimal choice for your perfect new arrival. Only the best cotton, linens, and silks are used to make our newborn baby clothes and accessories.


Above all, the perfect coming-home outfit should be quite practical. While a baby wearing a swaddle or sleep sack may be utterly adorable, neither is a practical choice for the commute home in the car (buckles go between the legs and over the shoulders). Stick to comfortable, soft clothes that are easy to put on and take off.

Consider The Weather

Make sure you choose seasonally-appropriate infant outfits since babies aren’t as adept at temperature regulation. As a general rule, babies need one more layer than you would normally wear for themselves. Also, remember to take care of the baby’s head and feet, especially during the winter. Pack separates if your clothing doesn’t include a matching hat and socks so the infant will be warm on the ride home.


Of course, a baby shouldn’t just wear any old onesie on his or her first day at home. Select stylish clothing that will stand out in all the photos you will undoubtedly take on that day.


Let’s face it: Before coming home from the hospital outfit or even walking out the hospital doors, our original newborn going home outfit might get spit-up or poop on it. Ensure you have a backup plan that you are equally pleased with. Consider that a wonderful justification for buying two cute newborn baby outfits or clothes.

Our editors looked through well-rated and top-rated options from reputable manufacturers when choosing the best baby going home outfits. Additionally, parents on our staff shared their recommendations for the top brands and types of baby clothes on the market. Functionality, design, and seasonality were all carefully considered.

Most essential, we considered how comfy the newborn outfits would be. Is it constructed from a smooth, baby-safe material? Are the legs open so the baby can sit in the car seat comfortably? Is it simple to put it and then take it off? Second, in addition to some neutral options, we chose a variety of aesthetics for both boys and girls. Finally, we made care to include both warm and cold weather options, so regardless of what time of year your baby is born, you’re likely to find something suitable.

Here are some gorgeous baby boy and girl coming home outfits that are appropriate, all parent- and Instagram-approved for your baby’s first outfit.

15 Best Baby Coming Home Outfits

15 Best Baby Coming Home Outfits

With that said, here are our picks for the cutest newborn clothes:

  • Best Organic Newborn Takeing Home Outfit

This onesie made of 100 percent organic cotton outift is perfect for parents who only want the softest materials in contact with their baby’s sensitive skin. You might not yet fully appreciate the benefits of features like top-to-bottom snap closures that make it simple to put on and take off clothes, as well as a wrap-around design that avoids the need to try to fit a baby’s head through a new jumpsuit’s teeny opening. Additionally, because organic baby clothing can be expensive, this cost-effective option offers a lot of value.

Just keep in mind that some baby take home outfits tend to run long and narrow, so depending on how your baby is measuring, choose the newborn or preemie size.

  • Best Baby Going Home Outfit For A Birth Announcement

We adore this onesie combination, which serves as both an outfit and a birth announcement for your baby and very literally speaks for itself. It’s also a great gender-neutral option for parents who don’t want to know the baby’s gender in advance. This onesie is comfortable, warm, and easy for new parents to put on (there are snaps from the feet to the neckline) and also makes an excellent keepsake. Whis this newborn girl coming home outfit, we make sure that your baby is so flexible and lovely.

  • Best Baby Coming Home Footwear

Baby socks may be the loveliest item on the baby aisle, but they are frequently very difficult to keep on your wiggly child’s feet. Winter kids have an excellent option in these warm, soft boots (They also come in cotton versions for spring or fall babies.) In addition to being incredibly soft, they are also more difficult to lose in the sea of lost socks and more difficult for a newborn to swipe off (two snaps and elastic around the ankles keep them secure). They also come in almost every color imaginable and are lovely.

  • Best Baby Girl Going Home Outfit

Want to start dressing your newborn girl right away? This coming home outfit for a baby girl is quintessentially feminine. The one-piece outfit has snaps at the bottom for simple diaper changes and a broad neckline to make it easy for even the most anxious new mom to get it over her baby’s head. Even the hat and headband that go with the outfit are included.

  • Best Newborn Boy Taking Home Outfit

Why not get the infant a matching outfit if you’re going to be sporting athleisure on your way home from the hospital? This baby boy going home outfit appears to have been taken from an Instagram influencer’s closet. This baby boy take home outfit is fashionable for pictures and comfortable for the ride home.

Though it has more to offer than just style: Diaper changes, including the dreaded blowouts, are a breeze with the pull-down shoulders, and the elastic, high-waisted pants accommodate a variety of weights without rubbing the baby’s delicate umbilical cord.

  • Best All-In-One Baby Going Home Outfit

Do you prefer a onesie-free newborn going home outfit for boys and girls? This set is still simple to put on and provides similar benefits, such as footies to keep the baby warm. The side snaps on the wrap-around shirt keep the baby’s healing belly button comfortable. And there’s no denying the dino pattern is adorable. (If you prefer something more feminine or gender-neutral, other colors and styles are available.) Your baby will undoubtedly be one of the cute newborn baby clothes ever to leave the hospital.

  • Cutest Baby Coming Home Outfit

The sweetest powder blue color is available for this footed pajama set. The footie is made entirely of cotton and has snaps all the way up the front to make changing the baby easier. However, the snaps are offset so that baby’s belly button won’t be irritated while it is healing. The small bear-like feet are another feature you’ll enjoy. Just be aware that some parents do report the clothing can run a little large. With this newborn girl coming home outfit, your baby is so cute.

  • Best Baby Going Home Sleepsuit

This white newborn outfit unisex onesie is offered in a range of neutral patterns and colors, including this adorably cute gray. These onesies, which are made of bamboo and organic cotton, are so unbelievably soft against the skin of the baby that even the most sensitive skin types won’t experience any rashes or irritation. This is newborn girl coming home outfit we recommend you.

While the middle zip-up opening is not ideal for the umbilical cord, it does make it simple to complete that last-minute diaper change before leaving the hospital. You’ll also like how practical the fold-over mitts are for keeping the baby’s face shielded from her nails without having to worry about separate mittens (one of the easiest baby items to lose track of).

  • Best Personalized Baby Taking Home Outfit

When choosing a personalized item, you want it to be completely unique; this one, which includes a hand-embroidered name, is exactly that. Of course, for this outfit to work, you’ll need to decide on the baby’s name before, but we’d think the final aesthetic is worth getting past any decision paralysis you may be experiencing. There are definitely many possibilities available, as you can pick from a variety of about 50 thread colors and long- or short-sleeve options.

Best Personalized Baby Taking Home Outfit

Furthermore, since the functionality is so crucial, you can be sure to find it here. The onesie itself is made of soft organic cotton that won’t itch and has wide shoulders that make changes a breeze — even in the event of a blowout. However, you’ll need to buy separates (pants and a hat or mittens, for example).

  • Funnest Baby Taking Home Outfit

With snaps along the front for simple diaper changes, a soft cotton fabric with a little spandex for stretch, and convertible footie pajama bottoms, this onesie has everything you could possibly need. This function is especially useful because it makes it simple to access the feet, which may be used for play or as a wearable monitor at night and during naps. Furthermore, the fabric is lightweight without being overly thin. But the best part is the range of prints, all swoon-worthy — choose from rainbows, cherry blossoms, stars, and even sloths.

  • Best Baby Going Home Layering Piece

This quilted sleeper is constructed in an easy-to-put-on, roomy kimono shape, making it a terrific layering piece. The delicate umbilical cord of the baby won’t be irritated because of the asymmetrical tie. Really, it’s the perfect piece for changing seasons and transitional weather. This is newborn girl coming home outfit you should wear for your baby.

To prevent your baby from getting a chill while traveling from the hospital to the car and then the car to your house, simply slide it over the onesie that your baby is wearing (maybe the monogrammed one seen above). The agreements are built-in booties and mitten cuffs, which remove the need for additional clothing to keep the baby warm.

  • Best Baby Coming-Home Onesie In Winter

This lovely cable-knit onesie will be appreciated by new parents returning home in the dead of winter. Although newborn winter clothes are quite warm, they are also very fashionable, making them a family heritage that you can pass down from child to child. It has every feature you could ask for, too, including a broad, flexible neck that many more structured sweaters lack yet is crucial for dressing a fragile infant. It also includes wide button openings at the legs to make changing diapers easy.

  • Best Gender Neutral Coming Home Outfit

These stunning long-sleeved footie suits are more expensive than multi-packs of comparable sleepers, but they contain a lot of high-end qualities that make them interesting. We adore the bamboo/cotton/spandex fabric since it is not only softer than the cotton knit alone, but also more breathable. To keep toes warm, fleece is put on the foot of the suit. Additionally, the zipper that goes down one leg is of excellent quality and zips and unzips without snagging. This is must-try newborn girl coming home outfit.

  • Best Baby Going Home Outfit For Summer

Most of knit newborn baby outfits only stretches in two ways, up and down, rather than both, despite how wiggly babies often are. Baby clothing from Hanes’ Flexy range offers a more generous four-way stretch, making it incredibly comfortable for active babies. With each wash, these rompers become softer as well.

  • Best Patterned Baby Taking Home Outfit

This romper will keep your baby warm on the first vehicle ride home and is available in dozens of diverse patterns ranging from delicate to wild. It contains a number of considerate features to make your life simpler, such as fold-down sleeves so your baby can’t itch himself and a front zipper.

Here are some useful tips for your to dress your newborn baby girl coming home outfits that you should keep in mind.

Tips For Dressing Your Newborn Baby For Going Home

  • Remember to outfit your baby in something that will make life simpler once you arrive at your destination, even though your attention may be on the drive home. Up until you have to dress and undress a fussy or sleepy infant, fancy is cute.
  • You will need to deal with complicated clothing items or undo snaps frequently if you change your baby’s diaper frequently. So make it simple for yourself and choose something straightforward!
  • If you think your baby might end up being bigger, bring two pieces of clothing in two different sizes. She weighed 10 pounds and didn’t fit into many baby clothes.
  • Maybe a onesie will do. A light pair of jeans or leggings might be a useful addition, though, as you will certainly notice and cringe when the car seat straps touch their delicate little skin as a young mum.
  • Choose a flexible, non-abrasive material, such as cotton or bamboo, while browsing for clothing or other items.
  • Opt for footed pants rather than pants and socks. They are significantly simpler to use, wear, and keep track of!

The Bottom Line

There are many things to do in order to get ready for the birth of the baby, but one that shouldn’t be forgotten is packing your hospital bag. Running around the home looking for the things you need for labor, delivery, and the days after is the last thing you want to do when you go into labor.

While there are a few things that must be in your bag without a doubt, such as a chapstick, slippers, and a comfy nursing top if you intend to breastfeed, you should also think about including a lovely going-home outfit for your baby.

What new parent wouldn’t want to see their baby dressed in something utterly lovely, even though your infant will probably wear a hospital-issued onesie or blouse under her swaddle in those early days? The newborn girl coming home outfit gives parents a chance to clothe their child for the first time. Not to add that your carefully chosen clothes for returning home may be more appropriate for keeping the baby comfortable on the drive home if the weather is less than ideal.

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